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Standard BIM description

Standard BIM

¿Why are we doing this?

We want to collaborate with construction industry digitalization and help to adopt existing disruptive technologies that are already used in other industries. We are sure that a common open language should be adopted in order to be used as the foundation of future technologies implementation. It will allow the construction industry to catch up with other industries.

¿What BIM issues are we solving?

IFC is the only BIM format internationally standardized. The lack of IFC implementation in softwares creates big issues for interoperability, because they are based in their own native format and IFC is used just as an implementation.

Some secondary issues are that BIM modeling softwares are file based, it leads to a not very fluid process to work with, including incompatibility between file versions and reducing versatility to analyze big data. 

Linking files are used to join or filter data. Repeating elements in the models and increasing information fragmentation.

Editing modeling softwares requires download and requires users to install a new version, increasing interoperability issues. 

¿What do we propose?

Create natively in IFC format since the start of the project. It will reduce interoperability issues.

Using databases instead of files would make it easier to filter data and use query only for required information without being overwhelmed by project information.

Use the platform based on web technologies instead of downloading softwares, it will make data accessible anywhere without hiring an extra cloud service. A real time edition would improve remote coordination and editing; creating a more fluid workflow.

¿What are we making?

Ingenia Tek is creating standardbim.com , a BIM LEVEL 3 platform that allows creating and editing native IFC entities online from any device in real time.

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